Future of SEO depends upon the artificial intelligence

One of Google’s new ranking criteria is the artificial intelligence feature called the RankBrain. Because of the inclusion of the new ranking techniques, many old rules are not applicable in the SEO strategy. But there are certain techniques the marketers have to follow to maintain the successful business campaign.

The artificial intelligence is classified into 3 modes of classification. They are the ANI (artificial narrow intelligence), the AGI (artificial general intelligence) and the ASI (artificial super intelligence). The ANI is used to beat the world champion in the chess and AGI performs multiple things like the human. The ASI is an artificial intelligence in which it can perform activities that are beyond the limit of a person.  RankBrain is a machine learning algorithm that comes under the ANI classification. This is not the first algorithm that follows the ANI classification. The spam filter in the email is one of the oldest techniques that use the ANI, other programs that make use of this classification are self-driving cars, IBM’s Watson, recommended for you feature in Amazon and Google Translate.

The artificial intelligence is grouped into Symbolists, Connectionists, Evolutionaries, Bayesians and Analogizers. The RankBrain algorithm comes under the Connectionists and the technique used by the algorithm is called the back propagation technique. The connectionists said that this technique is capable of learning information from the raw data and automates the knowledge discoveries.  In many case the deep learning technique will make the work of the search engine optimization simpler and there are no loopholes. And in future the SEO technique will become technical, so the marketers have to improve their skills to match with Houston SEO Company and the trending methodologies.


SEO benefits for your business

You may be a brick and mortar store or a service based outlet or a complete online business model. Whatever you’re channel of money making maybe but building your own website has become quintessential. People tend to look for business details or reviews or trustworthiness on the web. So when one develops a website for his or her business it is also necessary that you integrate Equava Consultancy SEO process into it.

SEO is search engine optimization, making your site get noticed by search engines such as bing, Google or yahoo etc. A rank is given to a website based on the links, keywords and several factors a site contains. A well ranked site is the one that appears on the top in search results.

Having a hoarding about your business will not make people take notice of your business rather where you have it makes the difference. A hoarding in a crowded street will earn the views of many people. In the same way a website alone will not fulfill the purpose. A well ranked site is essential because 90 percent of the people who search do not go and check out the second page of search results. And even the remaining 10 percent do not go into further pages. Majority of the people click or open the sites which pops up on the top of the search results. In short people choose what is served to them first.

SEO is an important aspect for any business; it is a part of their marketing strategy.


First SEO audit check list

Every website wants to grab the attention of the potential customer, be on the top of search engine results and not just once but constitently. This is what SEO operation enables the website to do.When you get your SEO audit done the first time remember why it is of utmost importance to your website:

·      Search engine algorithms keep changing for better results and this means tailoring your website to those changes.

·      Webmaster guidelines keep changing so the website needs to adhere to these.

·      Outdated content and broken links affect your website quality.

·      Titles and Meta data tags should be relevant to the sites content.

The SEO team and website holder should get clear on these things which would be beneficial for both of them:

·      The goals of the website, what the client requires for the business and website.

·      Access to google analytics or third-party analytics of the website and Google Webmaster tools.

·      The website’s investment in Google Adwords.

·      The mobile friendly nature of the website.


Now all these are just basic data, the SEO team can start its suggestions to the client by doing basic analysis of the data receive

·      Site Crawl: To gain insight on duplicate meta data, page errors , on-site factors.

·      Analyze the site speed.

·      Analyze the domain authority and offsite equity

·      Site info: Know the site’s association and operations.

·      Keywords: The targeted one’s and the words which are important to the client.

·       How well the content is devolped based on these requirements.


These are all the part of the basic suggestions and the check list that both the client and SEO team should be sure of.